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Our History

Sulzer Cooling Towers have been manufactured in South Africa since 1968. More than 11 000 units have been installed in a wide range of applications throughout South Africa and the sub continent including Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique and Mauritius to name a few. Many of the original units are still operating today.

Complete Range

Tektower manufactures a whole range of cooling towers from the smallest fibreglass units for air-conditioning applications to site assembled modular units for large manufacturing plants and mines to the concrete or galvanized steel units for the really large applications. All towers are manufactured to the exceptionally high quality standards associated with Sulzer products internationally.

Whats New

Tektower has been locally designing, manufacturing and installing cooling towers and related equipment for over 42 years in South Africa. With over 15 000 cooling towers installed, Tektower have decided to expand our horizons by selling the company to International Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd. By putting the two companies together we enhance our portfolio by adding additional cooling towers to our range and additional products in addition to a bigger pool of skills. 

Following Denel’s decision to upgrade their heat treatment facility for the manufacture of gearbox components for the Military Airbus, Tektower were closely involved in the design and installation required to upgrade the cooling system for the existing and new furnaces.

The existing cooling system comprised of Tektower cooling towers with a combined capacity of 1.2mW. The system needed to be upgraded to handle 4.07mW. In addition, cooling water temperatures of 19oC were required for the cooling of the new furnace.

Tektower designed and installed a combination cooling system incorporating a new 400kW, water-cooled chiller with additional cooling towers for condenser and plant cooling requirements.

Design Concept:

During Summer months, when ambient wetbulb temperatures are high and the cooling towers cannot cool water to the required 19oC for the new furnace, the towers supply condenser water to the chiller, and cooling water to the rest of the plant. During cooler conditions, when the tower water is below 19oC, the chillers are switched off, and the condenser water is diverted to the new furnace for cooling purposes. This allows the client to save power, ( 120kW of compressor power ), and to reduce the number of running hours on the chiller, reducing maintenance.

Tektower Scope:

Conceptual and Engineering Design

Civil Work        60m3 Hot and Cold Well.
Pump Station
Chiller       407kW, Water-cooled
Cooling Towers 25m2 Cooling Towers – 2.85mW
Pumps             End Suction, Centrifugal, long coupled. 5.5kW to 22kW
Electrical      New MCC for chiller, pumps and towers
New mains feed cable to remote installation
Roofing   Structure and roofing for the chiller and pump station


Maintenance Clients