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EWK-E (Evaporative Condenser)

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The Evaporative Condenser is designed to cool the recirculating gas from a chiller. The gas is pumped through the coils while water is sprayed on them from the top. The fan induces airflow through the coil evaporating a small part of water at the same time cooling and condensing the gas itself.

Features include:

· Induced Draft with fan directly coupled – there is no need for belts and pulleys
· Low energy consumption – due to efficient aerodynamic design of the top casing.
· Corrosion free – manufactured with UV resistant fiberglass the casing comes with a 10 year warranty (conditions apply).
· Sizes start from 1.44m2 up to 12.6m2.
· Cools various refrigeration gases from R717 (Ammonia) to R22, R134a etc.
· Can also be installed in a low profile unit as an option.