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EWK-C (Closed Circuit)

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The Closed Circuit Cooling Tower has always been a part of our portfolio and we have decided to re launch it. The closed circuit tower has an internal coil through which the fluid to be cooled flows thus preventing it from coming into direct contact with the external air thus preventing dirt or pollution from entering the primary water circuit.

Major features include:

· Low energy consumption
· Induced Draft with fan directly coupled – there is no need for belts and pulleys
· The internal coils are made of hot dipped galvanised steel tube bundles. These can also be made from stainless steel.
· Corrosion free – manufactured with UV resistant fiberglass the casing comes with a 10 year warranty (conditions apply).
· Single or multiple pass through. 
· Sizes range from 1.44m2 to xxx which can be stand alone or in multiples.
· Coil can be installed inside the Low Profile unit as an option.