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Our EWL range consists mainly of towers that have been custom-designed to suit individual customers' requirements. These units are normally required when the heat rejection capacity exceeds the limits of multi-cell EWB towers, or for special applications such as bulk-air cooling in gold mines.

The picture of the EWL on this page depicts a typical mine scene with both Condenser and pre cooling towers.

Typical cell dimensions vary between 50m3 and 144m3, with normal capacities of 8MW to 30MW per cell. The construction material is either structural steel or reinforced concrete, and in some cases a combination of these. 

A unique feature that Sulzer has designed into this type of tower is the use of a central vertical pipe column, which doubles as the main inlet pipework and as the support for the fan and gear-box assembly. By taking the load of the fan, gear-box and water-distribution system onto this column, the size of the fan, deck and walls can be reduced, resulting in considerable savings in structural steel work and/or civil engineering works.