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TLP (Tektower Low Profile)

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The NEW TLP low profile unit is designed to fit into small areas with low noise emission requirements. It ranges in size from as small as a 2.25m2 tower up to a 9m2 stand alone tower. Major features include:

· Low profile – can even fit into existing plant rooms. The flat top has a pleasing architectural appearance. 
· Low noise – the double inlet centrifugal fan with forward curved blades keeps the noise level to a minimum. Further noise reduction can be achieved by installing attenuators both on the inlet and outlet ports.
· Easy installation – the cooling tower is factory assembled and tested and delivered to site as a working unit. It comes complete on a base frame which allows for installation on a simple foundation such as a concrete slab or platform without the need for structural support.
· Easy Maintenance – Fan and motor assembly at ground level making access easy. No need for ladders.
· Corrosion Proof – made out of UV resistant fiberglass with a 10 year casing warranty (conditions apply).
· Can installing a closed circuit coil inside the unit as an option.