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Water Circulation Pumps

Tektower supplies a large range of water circulation pumps into the industrial sector. Our water circulation pumps are typically end-suction “back pull-out” centrifugal type pumps, in either monoblock or long coupled execution.

Small Monoblocks

For smaller duties we offer close coupled centrifugal pumps manufactured according to EN 733 (ex DIN 24255) standards. These are robust, monoblock, 2 pole, cast iron pumps designed for operation in industrial and agricultural applications.

Typical Specifications / Materials of Construction are as follows:

SuctionFlange to DIN 2532 
DischargeFlange to DIN 2532 
Casing - Cast iron
Impeller -Cast iron
Casing cover -Cast iron
Shaft seal - Ceramic/Carbon/NBR 
Shaft -AISI 304 
Bracket -Cast iron
Electric – TEFC, Aluminium Casing
Single-Phase /Three-Phase
Speed: 2900RPM
Protection: IP55
Insulation: Class F

Larger Monoblock and Long-coupled Pumps

These water circulation pumps are suitable for flows of between 2m3/hr and 1000m3/hr at working pressures of between 3m and 140m. They are available in close coupled and long coupled format up to 30kW, and baseplate mounted, long coupled format from 37kW upwards.

These pumps are suitable for handling clean liquids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump materials. They have hydraulic and dimension characteristics to DIN 24255 specifications. 
The pumps have a back pull out design for ease of maintenance.

Theses water circulation pumps are used extensively in Industry and Agriculture for water transfer, supply, heating, cooling, circulation plants, irrigation and airconditioning.

These pumps are single or two-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps with volute casing and overhung impellers. 
Hydraulic balance is effected by balance holes in the impeller. 
The standard design is equipped with a soft-packed stuffing box. If working conditions
require, special packing, external flush or internal mechanical seal can be fitted.
The pumps have axial suction flanges and radial discharge and the volute casing is cast with feet. 
The shaft runs on deep groove ball bearings, which are oil lubricated with a unique Sight Glass feature in the bearing assembly to facilitate oil level observation.

Volute - High grade Cast iron or Bronze
Gland/Seal Plate - High grade Cast iron
Bearing bracket/
pedestal - High grade Cast iron
Matching Rings - High grade Cast iron
Lantern Ring - Nylon
Impeller - Cast iron, Bronze or Stainless steel
Shaft - Grade 431 or 316 Stainless steel

The pumps are available in 2 pole and 4 pole according to the duty requirement. Any manufacturer’s standard IEC motor can be fitted to these pumps.