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Splashtube - Cooling Towers

Patent Number: 94/2218

Splashtube the Answer to Fouling in Cooling Towers.

One of the biggest problems that users of Cooling Towers have is the fouling of the fill within the towers. This is mainly caused by the substances in the water but can also be added to by particles in the atmosphere. 

Splashtube has been developed for applications where water and airborne particles or fibres cause fouling of conventional tower fill. Splash tube is particularly suited for use in larger industrial sites like power stations, mining, chemical, paper, sugar mills and the textile industry.

Manufactured from helical polyethylene tubes Splash tube has very large apertures that help eliminate fouling. The tubes provide both splash and trickle surfaces for cooling and have been fully thermally tested.

Splashtube has a strong, lightweight construction and the unique packing method make them extremely easy to remove, clean and reinstall. Unlike the more traditional fill due to its design and strength, it can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure hose giving it a longer life span.

An additional benefit is the tubular arrangement, with water and air in counter flow, provides a low airside pressure drop. Splashtube is not only designed for Tektower Towers but can be used in any tower no matter what size, if the application is right.