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Cooling Tower Maintenance

Most of your performance problems on Cooling Towers relates to poor servicing, lack of service or no servicing at all. This can lead to a whole lot of problems, which can lead to breakdown of process, which in turn leads to LOSS OF REVENUE.

Why have a Cooling Tower Maintenance Contract?

Breakdown causes downtime which can cost your company millions

Plan your downtime

Pay according to your budget - no sudden surprises

Efficiency remains constant

Designed for the individual companies requirements

What will you get?

Each Cooling Tower Maintenance agreement will be drawn up according to the users requirements but should include the following:

Quarterly service with an annual major service.

Full "health" check reports after every service including operational issues- e.g. water condition, heat of water returning, water pressure etc.

Include both operational and upgrade recommendations.

Replacement of fill and lovers.

For more information on cooling tower maintenance, please contact us.

Companies who we maintain: