About Package Cooling Towers

Package cooling towers are separated from all other tower types by their ability to be easily transported. Local and international shipment is possible. The location can be easily changed depending on the variable operating conditions even after a certain period of use.


Packaged cooling towers with atmospheric cooling are utilized for industrial applications where high cooling power is not required and there is little space for installation. It can comprise of one or more identical cells. With this feature, it’s possible to keep the energy consumption to a minimum during the gradual production.


The main advantage of these cooling towers is fast and easy transportation and installation as well as short delivery times. A range of products and simple compatibility are offered. It is advantageous to apply grp material with high resistance against corrosion and environmental conditions.


In these types of towers where grp material is utilized even in the chimneys, the connecting bolts are chosen from stainless materials. The technical solutions of packaged cooling towers are always customized to the needs of a particular client and meet installation parameters, local conditions, water quality requirements and special conditions.


Changing the tower airflow is provided by a fan driven by an electric motor. The package cooling tower is structurally resolved as a stand alone installation that can be placed almost anywhere. You can also add another section of the fan cooling tower to increase the cooling power.