BBBEE Policy

Firstly it must be said that our company understands and supports the general principles of Black Economic Empowerment. What we do not support is the superficial promotion or placement of black staff to carry out “window dressing” or simply enrichment, and we are aware that this has and continues to occur with other companies within our market and outside it.

According to the BBBEE Act (2003) Section 10 and with a turnover of more than R35 million, we need to strive for a score in each element:

  • Equity Ownership
  • Management
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Enterprise Development
  • Socio-Economic Development

At this stage we qualify as a Level 7 contributor but it is our aim to work to achieve a Level 4 status within the next year. If you require a copy of our action plan please send an email to and it will be forwarded to you.

Our principles are straight forward – add value to the business both financially and from a business perspective and we have a deal. One of the areas that we are focusing on is that of procurement where we believe we can increase our buying with Exempt Micro Enterprises.

From an external point of view we do support companies, which we know, have “honest” BEE in place, and will continue to do this wherever possible, provided these companies can provide a reasonable and competitive service.

Finally, we as a company realize the importance of BBBEE to us and the country and will do our utmost to reach the targets we have set ourselves.

Yours truly,

Members of the Board

July 2009