Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Depending on the duty required Tektower can provide a Closed Circuit Cooling Tower or solution in any of our EWK, FGS or FM ranges. 

A closed circuit cooling tower involves no contact between the air and the fluid being cooled. The tower has two separate fluid circuits, one in which the fluid is recirculated on the outside of the second circuit, which is a bundle of tubes through which the hot water is flowing. The air drawn through this water provides cooling similar to an open cooling tower, except that the cooled water never makes direct contact with the air.

The fluid to be cooled (or gas to be condensed) flows through the tubes of a serpentine tube type heat exchanger (the closed circuit) without coming into contact with the external air stream thereby preventing dirt or pollution from entering the system.   Heat is transferred from the fluid (or gas) through the tube walls to the cooling water which is sprayed continuously over the coil.

An axial or radial fan drives air through the cooler thereby evaporating some of the cooling water and in so doing releases the required heat int the atmosphere.  The remainder of the cooling water is recirculated by means of a spray pump from the cooling tower basin to the spray nozzles.

Benefits of a closed circuit cooling tower:

  • Capacity to withstand entering fluid temperatures up to 82.3 Degrees Celsius
  • Cleaner Process fluid yields cleaner internal surface.
  • Lower water treatment costs
  • Prevents contaminants
  • Lower System maintenance costs