The Importance Of Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are at the center of many crucial industrial systems. From power plants to industrial chemical plants and everything, the heat exchanger in all its forms is an essential aspect of heat management systems. All organizations must take heat exchanger maintenance seriously, because a heat exchanger failure can be a potentially deadly event due to risks of fire or explosions. Proper cleaning is crucial in ensuring that your heat exchanger is functioning proficiently.

Heat exchangers work in several ways, but their main function is always the same; allowing systems to transfer heat out so that they can maintain temperature and pressure. Build-up of waste products, however, such as oil or dirt, can keep systems from working properly. From blockages or the hindering of internal mechanisms to bridging heat exchange gaps, industrial and environmental build-up can silently and quickly compromise a heat exchanger’s ability to perform its function which can cause harmful heat build-up within the system.

The cleaning of heat exchangers is a complex and multi-step process that involves a lot. Also, proper cleaning must be carried out by a certified, professional technician to ensure that all steps are performed fully and that all regulations are followed. A few of the things that a heat exchange technician will perform include:

Multiple inspections

The heat exchange technician will carefully and thoroughly inspect – and document – the state of the heat exchanger throughout the entire heat exchanger maintenance process. This helps managers and maintenance personnel understand the condition of their equipment, to better predict when maintenance will be necessary, and to develop an overall picture of the health of their heat exchange systems.

Complete tube cleaning

The exchanger tubes are crucial for all heat exchangers, and these tubes must remain clean and properly coated to ensure that the exchange of heat happens efficiently. Thus, heat exchanger cleaning technicians will perform thorough cleaning and re-coating of all exchanger tubes, utilizing only industry certified techniques and materials.

Cover removal, cleaning, inspection and replacement and tube plugging

The maintenance professionals will perform a thorough review of all aspects of the covers, cleaning and repairing or replacing them as necessary. Heat exchanger maintenance and cleaning procedure can have lasting, drastic consequences if they result in a heat exchanger failure. This is why all heat exchanger professionals are licensed, certified technicians before they are allowed to work in the field.